What is Soundlag 4525C?

Soundlag 4525C is a pipe wrap comprising of 5.0 kg/ flexible loaded vinyl bonded to 25mm thick flexible convoluted foam. The function of the foam is to provide acoustic decoupling between the pipe’s noise energy and the 5kg flexible loaded vinyl external wrap, resulting in superior performance. The external face of the vinyl is bonded to an aluminum foil providing a fire resistant covering.

Soundlag 4525C was developed as an easy to use product that reduces noise breakout from pipes and that is able to effectively be installed on the smallest of pipes.

This product is the original Acoustic Soundlag product and is still the leader in its field.

The aluminium foil facing on Soundlag 4525C means it is

  • low maintenance
  • has a long service life and
  • provides a very strong lifetime surface finish
  • which ensures protection from damage and also
  • improves fire resistance.

Construction of Soundlag 4525C:

Foil facing

Soundlag 4525C uses a strong aluminium foil facing, giving improved fire resistance and increased mechanical strength.

Noise barrier (5 kg/m²)

The Soundlag noise barrier reduces noise through it’s unique construction. The specialist fillers create a heavy flexible mass barrier, maximising noise reduction. Soundlag’s uniquely flexible and naturally inert nature allows effective, easy installation, essential in achieving a noise-tight seal.

Convoluted foam

The foam provides a decoupling layer which breaks the vibration path allowing the noise barrier to continue to perform in a limp non-constrained manner. Soundlag has enough inherent flexibility to allow convoluted foam to be used, improving fit-out quality on traps and joins.

The polyether foam used in the manufacture of Soundlag products is nonfibrous, will withstand the effects of moisture (hydrolysis resistant), displays excellent acoustic characteristics and has a long serviceable life.

How does Soundlag 4525C perform?

Working with acoustic consultants and test facilities, Pyrotek has designed and tested systems that achieve a high level of noise reduction for all plumbing and hydraulic situations.

Soundlag 4525C is tested in field and independent laboratories to international standards.

 Acoustic Testing of Soundlag 4525C

Insertion loss: (NAL ATF 750B Report)25 dB (A) (1/3 octave band 100Hz to10kHz)
Insertion loss (system): (TA 129-D7F03 Report)Greater than R 45
Free hanging (ASTM E-90-90)R 28
Transmission loss (As1276)R 27

Soundlag 4525C meets the requirements of P3.8.6.1 of National Construction Code Series 2012:-


A duct, soil, waste, or water supply pipe or storm water pipe that passes through a separating wall between Class 1 buildings—

  • if the adjacent room is a habitable room (other than a kitchen); or
  • if the room is a kitchen or any other room.
  • Adjoining bedroom/bathroom – waste pipe – must be separated from the adjoining dwelling if it passes through a separating wall, by a wall with a Rw + Ctr 40, this may be reduced to a Rw + Ctr 25 if the adjoining room is a kitchen