Acoustic Lagging

Beware of imitations! Only Soundlag® products are embossed with the ‘Soundlag’ name. The trend towards high-density living environments over the last decade has required control of noise from waste pipes and general plumbing. Wrap ‘em Ready Group only uses SOUNDLAG 4525C wherever waste noise may be a problem. By doing so we meet both the builder and environmental requirements, saving time and money for our clients whilst ensuring quality and reliability. Soundlag 4525c is the obvious choice for leading acoustic consultants, architects and consulting engineers who rely on quality assurance and consistency in performance.

Hot Water Insulation

Thermobreak® has a lower thermal conductivity than any other flexible insulation material, has almost zero vapour permeability, and provides superior energy saving performance. Wrap’em Ready Group provides fast and simple installation, leaving the product to perform trouble free in a variety of environments.

Condensate Lagging

Due to being a closed cell foam with foil facing, Thermobreak® has a very low vapour permeability meaning additional vapour barriers are generally not required, even under very cold conditions. Wrap’em ready Group installs Thermobreak to condensate / tundish lines to prevent condensate build up on pipework.